Thursday, March 31, 2011

a special specialist

yesterday, eden was able to get an last minute appointment that someone else cancelled with a doctor who specializes in allergies and asthma. (allergist/asthmologist/pulmonologist?!)

a quick summary? what a blessing!!

we were encouraged about the care e has received from the peds. we also had lots of conversation about the timeline of events, types of treatments we've tried, what worked, what didn't, why not, other possibilities and even a pretty good overview of why certain treatments work and some don't.

even though they were pretty sure her problems haven't stemmed from allergies, they tested her anyway for all the common allergies:

tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soy, barley, dairy, dog, cat, mold, dust, corn, eggs, fish, shellfish... and... i think that's it...

all tests were NEGATIVE!! (i was especially glad she's not allergic to dogs.) eden enjoyed her first peanut butter sandwich today for snack!! yum... she loved it! i got the rare privilege to find out what (if anything) my daughter is allergic to without having a scary incident in a restaurant or on vacation... or anywhere other than a doctors office!

...i digress.

the doctor suggested trying a stronger controller med and a more frequent dose, and a granular medicine we mix in her lunch... we go back two weeks for a follow up.

so far, things seem to be going REALLY well... granted, we're on day two, but she coughs about once a day and it doesn't seem to get the best of her. and her nose hasn't had to be wiped the first time today... that's a first in a MONTH!!

there were lots of other little details, but i won't bore you with all of them... bottom line, i feel like we're finally making some REAL progress, i love the doctor, eden is sweet as ever... we'll keep you posted (even though you're probably getting as tired of this as we are!)


Analee said...

have you tried eliminating food dyes and preservatives and any un-natural chemicals from her diet? basically only providing her with whole foods - that you make. and when i say ONLY, i mean only. that means you take her food everywhere.

i say this because when kendal was about 15 months, he was having some behavior issues. he already had some serious developmental delays and i could see him going down the path of autism. i had already taken him to the doctor and asked and they said not to worry that it was only behavior. i did my own research. basically, a lot of those things i mentioned above can cause reactions in their little bodies that can cause several things like behavior issues, allergy-like issues (skin or ear-nose-throat), etc. and when i removed those from his diet, he completely changed.

as a matter of a fact, we all changed. we lost a ton of weight and felt a lot better. that was when we jumped on the organic bandwagon and stopped eating all those chemicals.

i'm not at strict with them now and i can tell that he has them, too. behavior wise, mainly. but i can't take his food to daycare. and, we need daycare. :) i still provide him with healthy, chemical free food 5 full days and 3 nights a week, though!

Analee said...

now that i read what i wrote, i skipped a lot of details. like, after i took him to the doctor, the next day, i had lunch with one of my old high school friends who i re-acquainted myself with on facebook. and, her twins have gluten SENSITIVITIES (not allergies) and they display them selves through behavior. i didn't know that existed. that is what started my research about "hum, i wonder if kendal's behavior is a sensitivity." but i never eliminated gluten. that was a last resort for me. the first thing i got to was red and blue and all the chemicals in his cereal like BHT which is basically like gasoline. YUCK!

and, he is not autistic. not even close. i have photographed the sweetest autisic child and kendal shares some characteristics but he has outgrown many now. at the time, i think my concern was warranted (as a 1st time parent) but now i am not worried. he has developed a lot since daycare and is quite normal now, except that he doesn't like to use the potty at home and is 3-1/2. :)

ok, that is it!
i her chest congestion is just remnant of this winter - i went through the same, horrible thing with holly when she was a newborn, it took her 5 months almost to get over 1 cold. the summer made her well.

and this year, they both have REAL allergies: itchy eyes, runny nose, the crease on their nose from where they wipe scratch it constantly... just like their momma!