Thursday, March 24, 2011

relief for wheezy e

...i'll keep this quick for today because i'm ready for bed. yeah, that and i feel bad for not updating this week.

we went back to the doctor today for what i was expecting to be a quick follow up appointment... even though i had a few (what i thought were) minor concerns. she's really doing BETTER.

after a long visit full of nebulizer treatments, nebulizer complaints from mama (i seriously hate that thing... and the one we got is a dud.), disappointing pulse-ox levels when eden didn't seem to be having a hard time breathing, and some concern about e's coughing while she's sleeping (as in, IN her sleep*)... we've got a better different diagnosis. the doctor spent lots of time with us today explaining a new plan of action and a different treatment and things to look for...

the diagnosis? baby asthma. (yeah, there's probably a fancy word for it...) the type of asthma that she's been tagged with is something that she could outgrow in 6 months--or when she's 3... if not, i'm guessing they'd diagnose her with childhood asthma (or whatever the next developmental stage)... either way, its still something she's likely to grow out of at some point.

*she coughed in her sleep for 2-3 hours last night... i tried to wake her up for some honey in her milk and a neb treatment... she was conked out... but would wake up here and there and would cough when her sweet, sleeping self looked so deceptively peaceful and angelic. eden sleeping... lee sleeping... hannah staring at the baby monitor and googling "home remedies for coughing toddler"

i'm somewhat relieved... the terrible cough is finally being addressed. the cough that has lurked around for way too long.

a diagnosis... yes, that brings relief to a certain extent too, now doesn't it?

is it the RIGHT diagnosis... the jury is still out.

i will say this: she coughed this morning during her nap... went to dr.... took 2nd nap with NO coughs... had bedtime treatments (with inhaler--no nebulizer...wooo hoooo!!)... went to bed and i've not heard her cough the first time.

i'm excited at the possibility for some relief for eden... but still cautiously optimistic... this whole respiratory issue seems to ebb and flow just like her sweet breaths it affects. great one day, pitiful the next... i know eden is in good hands--her doctors are so sweet and call to check up on her--so informative and reassuring... not to mention her sweet daddy who runs to get things for us (tissue, bottle, book, juice, whatever!) when i'm snuggled up with e... and her bulldog of a mama who won't stop until this mess is FIXED.


Melissa Clack said...

Your not a bulldog it's called being a good mom and you rock at it by the way!!

Edwin and Jess said...

Poor E, glad you guys have a possible diagnosis. I hope this mess is all over SOON!