Thursday, March 3, 2011

don't worry... can't catch germs from a blog.

i must inform you, dear readers, that i had a lovely week of blog posts planned
all in celebration of our sweet baby girl
who has really kicked off toddlerhood with a bang. was supposed to be a fun "bang"

however, at 4am on march 1st...
e woke up crying and just didn't seem herself
eh, sometimes she does this--
i've not been able to pinpoint if she has a bad dream
or gets a leg cramp or something (i get those frequently during the night)
and i could've sworn she smelled like...
after calming her, she quietly fell back asleep
for a few minutes...
then she really did puke.
i didn't fret too much--thought she had a touch of a stomach bug*
and we already had a 9am appt. with the doctor for her
"well baby check"

*"touch of a stomach bug" is something that a mother
who has never had a child with a stomach bug would say.

after getting to the doc
they took her measurements (21 1/2 lbs and 30" long)
and things went downhill so quickly that i don't even know her percentiles or anything
she decided to make it a "sick visit" and skip the shots and the developmental stuff
the doc thought it may by rsv...
my mom gut said no.

then the doc realized we'd not had flu shots...
so she tested her "since we were already in the office"
ok... why not?
well, whaddya know... POSITIVE...
at the very last second and about as early as possible to detect it!

...i'll skip some of the gorey details...

e didn't care for the tamiflu or the icantrememberthename anti-nausea meds
...well, it wasn't that she didn't care for them, she couldn't keep them down
she. was. pitiful.

my spunky kid acted like a wet noodle.
and ended up with worse symptoms from
THE stomach bug.

it appeared to be a 24 hour bug...
that weakens you for a good 24 hours after its over.
its violent. and fast.

not sure where eden picked it up, but i'm sure glad to get rid of it.
she was sweet enough to share it with her daddy, her kiekie and her grandaddy barry...

...her mama is too superstitious to say anything else.

i've cleaned up the 3 day storm of toys, blocks, foam letters, dog toys, bath toys, towels (there was ALWAYS one in arms reach--more like a "catchers mit" if you catch my drift.), and a sweet pallet made up of a boppy pillow fleece blankets and some quilts... all this in preparation for the sweet little cleaning lady who has no idea what she's getting herself into tomorrow.

...ya know, i forgot what color my carpet was. ha!

lee is sleeping upstairs tonite--just in case.
and i'm SO looking forward to the cleaning lady to come tomorrow.
i even sat down and derived a plan to sell the house, furnished, as is...
just to get out. of. here.

so, with all that being said,
the party is a go for sunday...
and gosh doggit, we have even more to celebrate!
WE'RE ALIVE! hahah

and the best part is that my sweet silly spunky eden has returned to her good ole self!
gosh, i missed her!!! i don't know where that other kid went, but i don't wanna see her again

...well, except when i want to snuggle. :)

and you know, nothing ever happens when there's nothing going on (profound, i know.)... but, let me plan a birthday party after a BIG sale at work and have a busy week of party supply shopping and planning and delegating and several other commitments--and then the stomach bug joins us. go figure.

i'm a little sad because i don't have any pictures of my girl on her birthday
...but i will make up for it sunday. stay tuned!

and a big blog shout out to kiekie!
...she's really stepped it up for her typically stellar job...
she's endured many hardships and struggles explosive diapers and upchuck
and we can never repay her for her sacrifices
and time spent at our house in the warzone this week

and one more shoutout...
this one goes out to clorox wipes
i love them so much, i'm snuggling with them at night while lee's sleeping upstairs.
shhh, don't tell him.

at this point, i'm breathing such a sigh of relief that your hair probably just blew back and you're thinking of offering me a tic tac
...where ever you're reading this from.

that's all for now... i'll post more interesting stuff later.


KieKie! said...

Thank you for my shout out. Awwww. Wouldn't have been anywhere else but right in the middle of it -- trying to keep things going for you during this week of all weeks. Means the world to me that you let me in -- the good & the B.A.D. times. You are an amazing & strong & mature woman -- watching you handle this mell-of-a-hess weeks leaves ME in awe. I'm taking notes -- when I grow up I want to be just like you. Eden & Lee are very lucky to have YOU...they'll be the first to tell you & show you.

Analee said...

that bug blew through our house before christmas. right before christmas. it was HORRIBLE> and lasted right at 24 hours (for the worst of it - the vomiting part). we all had it. all four of us, within a week. luckily, none of us at the same time.

goodness. i hope the party goes well! i hope she'll eat cake! it took us about 2 weeks to really eat again.