Tuesday, February 22, 2011

a thing of the past

tonight, while lee and i were dining on the B.E.S.T. pasta on the face of this earth** (no seriously, we might have it tomorrow for dinner, too.)
**its SO good, we don't eat it with sauce. just a drizzle of evoo... that's it. no salt. no pepper. no sauce. no cheese. just the plain pasta. (they sell it at costco, too for all you costco lovers out there!)

i looked over to see that lee had opened a can of... oh no, don't say it...

caffeine free coke.

oh, i wanted it so bad. water suddenly seemed so... well, watery.

i asked him... ever so politely... if i could have 1 sip.

he replies, "no... because then you'll want the whole thing"

he was right...except him telling me that made me want it EVEN WORSE... oh, hurry up already--change your mind and pass that can over here... i just want ONNNNNNNNNE SIP.

[insert noise of a slow "enjoy every morsel" sort of slurping noise]

gross. disgusting. way too sweet. here ya go. [handing it back to him]

it didn't taste the way i'd remembered it a few short weeks ago. it tasted so..... wrong.

i've scribbled through that one on the "treats and splurges" list... not worth it and no longer tastes good.


Courtney said...

The very same thing happened to me! Just wait until you eat ketchup. So strange.

Analee said...

at target, they have a pasta that has butternut squash in it. it is SOOOO good. and, i'm not a butternut squash fan. you should try it sometime!

next, you'll be making your own pasta like we do now! :) i couldn't come close to that butternut squash one though. it is sorta sweet, sorta savory. really strange, but yum.

Analee said...

oh, and if you ever make it to whole foods, they have those in the frozen food section - the fresh stuffed pasta stuff. theirs is really good too, but no butternut squash. they have mushroom for sure! and 3 cheese... i can't remember what else!