Sunday, February 13, 2011

a "fresh" start

today, i cleaned out the fridge & pantry... made a grocery list of things we needed & things i wanted to try and things i wanted to look for (to see if my local grocery store would have it)...

i wasn't brave enough to take eden to whole foods today--so, instead we went to lowe's foods where i took my time, scooped up LOTS and LOTS of produce*, read lots of labels... and even bought lots of new things to try!

*no matter what, right now, my kitchen LOOKS gorgeous...slightly green bananas, strawberries, pears, bright red apples, oranges, red and yellow peppers, onions, new potatoes, cabbage, brussel sprouts, asparagus, carrots, mangoes, avocados... and i'm sure i forgot some.

i found agave nectar (a natural sugar) and quinoa... two things i really wanted to try! i also bought avocados... i've EATEN them before, but never prepared them at home. and mangoes were on sale--so i got one of those... never had one of those that wasn't in sugary syrup. i even bought soy milk AND almond milk!

i got a new kind of cereal... the kashi go lean i bought last week really wasn't my style... trying fiber one. stay tuned.

i was a little surprised that i wasn't able to find soy yogurt... but i'll keep looking. (and just a reminder, i'm not giving up dairy entirely right now--but i'm trying non-dairy alternatives.)

after we got home, eden enjoyed snacks in her high chair while i unloaded everything, had a snack (apples and hummus on pita chips) and planned tonight's dinner... and on all accounts it was a SUCCESS! we had roasted brussel sprouts with olive oil, quinoa (pronounced "keen-wa") with stewed tomatoes, and northern beans (was anyone else raised calling these "navy beans"?). the quinoa was surprisingly filling and not as "ricey" as i was expecting... we'll definitely have it again.

this afternoon, eden and i went on a long walk (to granny's and back)... and i've enjoyed lots and lots of water.

...i really FEEL great! maybe its the water, maybe its eating food that doesn't make you feel like crap, maybe its the beautiful weather... whatever it is, i think its already workin'.


Courtney said...

So glad to hear you're feeling great! Isn't almond milk amazing?! ..I know SB says to drink the unsweetened kind, but I absolutely can't resist the sweetened vanilla! I make smoothies with it allll the time!

Rachel Ann said...

I've got to try almond milk! I'll look for it this week. A want to try the agave nectar too. I found a healthy cereal I like at Wal-Mart. It's a kashi in a cardboard colored box. It has berries and it is oh so good! I also like the whole foods website for recipes.

Graceandjoelroberts said...

We love Quinoa! Its the best and a nice change. Not sure if you're costco members, but they sell it there...jumbo size! Avocados too, with all that fruit and veggies, you're speaking my language! I bet its gorgeous!

Analee said...

you can find soy yogurt and soy sour cream and soy cream cheese at whole foods. i dont eat yogurt but the sour cream and cream cheese are really good. my sister is lactose intolerant so that is what she gets. called something like toffuiti or something.

agave nectar is ok, i prefer raw sugar. i only buy raw sugar from the bulk bins at wf and never buy processed/white sugar anymore. you can use it 1:1 for white sugar llike if you make cookies or cakes. it has a little bit of a molasses flavor (great for making caramel!)

and yes, they are navy beans to me!!!