Wednesday, January 12, 2011

its just one of those things...

i've been meaning to post about this for a while...

lee and i are typically hot-natured people... we prefer the house chilly... the ceiling fans rarely cut off... and heaven knows we LOVE this time of year. well, some of our passion for the chill could be the fact that we both love to bundle up... blankets, coats, layers... you know.

well, i didn't realize it until this year... as in, this winter. but apparently i've diverged from the norm of hot-naturedness. i love to turn the heat on in the car. like all the way. fan on high. all the way in the red. seat heaters on.

over the holidays (i don't remember which one), we were headed to visit nana and papa... and i had the heat rolling... like normal. and i look over and lee had not only taken off his jacket, but had completely unbuttoned his shirt....i only noticed this when he got my attention when he asked me could he crack the window. ummm, no. not permitted.

so after being "called out", i've really been analyzing my quirk... honestly, what is it about being in a car that makes me want it SO. STINKIN'. HOT. i even know that its hot and have realized that if my HOUSE were this hot, we would have to move... there's no way we could get all the heat out in time for summer.

here's what i've come up with so far:
-maybe its the fact that i'm "outside" and i like to be bundled up and warm when i'm outside in the cold...
-its like i'm "building up" or storing my warmth for when i have to get out of the car... if you were standing out in the cold and knew you'd have to strip naked in a few minutes, wouldn't you wanna get as warm as you could while you could? i thought so.
-i've realized that i don't like to "bundle up" when i'm going to be sitting in the, i don't layer up like lee does when he's ready to ride. ahem. and when we're in LEE'S car, he hardly EVER turns the heat on because he doesn't even take off his toboggan.
-maybe its the close quarters and the surrounding cold outside that makes it a teensy bit like a hot tub. just a little.

i've chosen to embrace my quirk. and so has lee... we ran errands sunday afternoon and he got in the car with a short sleeve shirt on... and put his coat in the back seat. attaboy :)

so what's your quirk?


Ashlynn said...

oh my gosh, I do the SAME thing! Hahaha. Now I know I'm not alone in my "quirk."

Graceandjoelroberts said...

Shesh what do I do thats normal is probably a shorter answer :-) I think I am one big quirk...and I love it :-)!

The Comptons said...

So my quirk has to do with what to do with your towel after you take a shower. So what if we have a towel hanger thing-y on the back of our bathroom door...since I'm the last to shower of B and I, I hang my towel over the shower door for the simple reason of getting it dry again. B and I each have our own towel and we use it for 2-3 days before getting a new one because lets face it, 1-we were clean when we used it and 2-I do the laundry lol. Well my dear husband takes his shower and instead of putting my now DRY towel on the back of the door where I can get it after he gets out, he tosses it to the side and it conveniently lands in the dirty clothes basket...which in turn makes me LIVID. I still havent figured out a way to get him to at least NOT do that so if you have any suggestions, they would be extremely appreciated lol. OH THE JOYS of married life!