Tuesday, December 14, 2010

playtime at a glance

so, i've snapped a few photos of playtime these days...

eden loves being tossed in the air...
heck, i think we'd ALL love being tossed in the air,
but there comes a point where thats no longer feasible.
...i think its so sweet that as lee's doing this he's sporting his "grateful dad" shirt.

check out that grin on the next picture!! (you may wanna click to enlarge, if possible)
"hey mom, did you see that?!"

and this next picture is definitely worth a thousand words... starting with something like "who cares about all those toys piled up in the background, i'd rather play with nershi's rawhide bone..."
its never too early to learn about sharing.

if he likes to chew on it and it makes his teeth feel good, then it must be good...
hey, you can't argue with logic.

"so, nershi, you say its better to chew on this end?"

...don't worry, i took these pictures rather quickly then returned the bone to its rightful owner... he then scurried to the sofa where eden can't bother him. yet.

bless his heart. nershi is always so patient and understanding... he just lays there with her and gives me a look every now and then (like in the last picture)... "mom, do you think you could get that back to me"

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Li'l Miss Muffet said...

I love your dog. Adam and Caryn had a Border Collie/Sheltie growing up. Sandy was the same temperament. We all adored her.