Monday, December 6, 2010

a night with lee and hannah

lee's getting ready to go running tonite (really?! its like TEN outside. anyway), and he finds an old pair of my gloves. after he puts them on, he realizes he cannot operate his iPhone with the gloves on...

lee: oh man! [fumbling around with his phone trying to get the gloves off]...HEY! would you mind if i cut just one finger out of these gloves?

me: umm... really?

lee: yeah, only ONE finger! then these can be my designated iPhone gloves...

me: nooooo...i don't think so...

....25 seconds later....

me: so, you're going running for sure? (sometimes he changes his mind)

lee: yeah!

me: well, don't go too fast or too far in those sweatpants!**

lee: why not?

me: because those pants are not made for activity... they're made for being lazy.

lee: oh, ok.

**i have been JONESIN' for some good ole way-too-baggy sweatpants for STRICTLY wearing around the house... you see, i'm quite the blanket gal this time of year... so, i headed down to mortex and got a couple of AWESOME pairs for 2.99 each. SCORE.

....ahem, except now lee has realized how awesome they are. he likes to wear them, too.

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Megan said...

as i sit here freezing, those sweat pants sound pretty good. i may have mom go to mortex and get me some!