Wednesday, December 1, 2010

9 months! holy moly!

eden had her 9 month check up today... and got a stellar report on all accounts!

she's in the 75th percentile on all her stats! wow!
height: 27"
weight: 19lb 4oz
head circumference: 44.5 cm

the doctor was so SO impressed with her progress! and development in terms of skill level... communication, sleep habits, eating habits, crawling/pulling up, etc.

the next time we go back? when she's ONE YEAR? i nearly fell out in the floor when she said that. oh. my. word.

oh! and all the ear infection is gone... and everything that went with it... a clean bill of health!

in other non-doctor-y news... eden is a professional puller upper... and is gaining lots of confidence in standing on her own... her clinginess to my legs is getting lighter and lighter... seems odd, but i'm looking forward to her walking... because her crawling has gotten to LIGHTNING pace...

yes, i realize that her walking will eventually turn into running, but it will slow her down temporarily while she figures out what those feet are supposed to do... VERY temporarily.

she's eating about 5 tbsp. (eh, 4 HEAPING tbsp.) of dry oatmeal (mixed with 1/2 container of food & a bit of formula) a night... lunches are still hit or miss... most of the time she sleeps through the "lunch" time of day.

she is an ABSOLUTE joy to travel with... she smiles at every single person, whether they notice her or not... recently i'd had a conversation with another new mama who was stressed because it was difficult to go out alone with the baby and stressful--and i too dealt with the "confidence" issue--but, now that eden is so intrigued by her surroundings (annnnnd i don't feel like she's got to have a bottle every hour and a half!), she enjoys going out and if she gets a bit fussy (RARELY), i just whip out a book or a toy and she's golden! she's a pro at riding in the shopping cart and loves getting in her stroller.

she's sleeping from 8-7 or from 7-6, depending on her last nap of the day--sometimes its later than others and she'll stay up a bit later... and SOMETIMES she'll take her bottle as soon as she wakes up and will go back down for another hour and half or so... give or take. she generally puts herself to sleep (as in, we lay her down awake--i don't know how else to word that?)... unless she's extra hungry... whew... there have been nights where eden ate TWELVE ounces before bed! ...all i gotta say is thank god i'm not nursing!

...this last week has been an exception to normal sleeping habits.

mischief. oh boy... she loves nershi's toys, nershi's food, nershi's water (see a theme here?)... and the spanish moss in the bottom of my ficus tree... and to play with her daddy's cds (we normally do that when he's at work :) haha)... and i'm not sure what the "pros" say about this age, but i do believe that she understands the meaning of the word "no ma'am" and knows what she is not supposed to be doing. ...for example... as she approaches nershi's food & water bowls, we say "eden, no ma'am" ...she looks back, slaps on a mischevious grin... rocks back and forth and contemplates... and then sits up. (sometimes she goes for it anyway, but that's just mischief for ya!)

she loves shoes, shoe laces, socks, and feet.... maybe because they're on her level?, but she definitely always explores the company's footwear when we have guests. and she can dig all the shoes out of her little box and she plays with each one of them.

she can wave, say mama, dada, bye bye (sounds a lot like dada, but its accompanied with a wave), and numerous other words that i've yet to decipher what language she's speaking... and just today, we were reading books and talking about books and i SWEAR i heard her say "boo"

she loves to play with nershi... i'm surprised her exersaucer hasn't just crumbled... she jumps in that thing like you'd think it was a circus trampoline. we don't use the door-hung jumperoo much anymore--she's getting too big to get her in and out of it... she loves sifting through magazines--i think i should've put that part in the "mischief" section? bathtime is still her favorite. and in case you didn't hear, she's cut two teeth on the bottom and they're coming right on in...

i think that's about it!

annnnd i just realized today that i've not posted pictures from my dad's birthday, thanksgiving, or any pictures from in between... i'll catch up soon, i promise.


Edwin and Jessica said...

Awesome job Eden! Glad she had a wonderful check up :)

Courtney said...

Eden reminds me so much of Harper! You'll actually love it when she starts walking. ..any residual "neediness" will be gone. H LOVES that she can do her own thing without my help! H was an early talker, too. . . which just gets better and better as they get older!