Sunday, November 14, 2010

i'm baaaaaack!

well, i've gotten my computer back... and i will make a valiant effort to catch up on my month of thanks!! hereeeee goes!

today? i'm thankful for MY COMPUTER (and i'm thankful that derek fixed it!)!! ...its pretty shallow, but it my outlet for things like blogging, catching up with old friends, and even finding new recipes to try and share... but you know, i do use it to pay my bills and research things for eden, and things like that for her!

nov 5
i am thankful for our church and our small group... lee and i truly cherish the relationships we've built through our church and the families we've met--families you can worship with and that can hold you accountable are the best kinds of friends to have! we look forward to watching our babies grow up together and build lasting relationships with each other

nov 6
i am thankful for our families... i've always loved our family, but having a baby brings it to a whole new level--lee and i have been shown so much support and would be LOST without them! from the big things to the little things like taking care of eden while lee and i work and spoiling her rotten with the latest toys and cutest clothes... to spending some time with her so i can have some "me" time--at the grocery store... running errands... christmas shopping... or so lee and i can go out on the occasional date! meals have been prepared for us, clothes have been washed, ...needs have CERTAINLY been met! we have honestly been spoiled by our families... and are SO thankful for them!!! there's no way we could ever even BEGIN to repay them for ALL that they do... well, except for giving them more grandkids/nieces/nephews/etc... to spoil! ;)

nov 7
i am thankful for my girlfriends... many have come and gone over the years, but i remember growing up "grown-ups" would tell me "as you get older, you won't have as many friends, but the ones you DO have will mean so much more", they were SO. RIGHT. i am blessed to have a WONDERFUL core group of girls... i have a few from childhood that i'm still REALLY close with... and a few that i've become close with through "double dating" with lee... and a few that i've become good buds with through motherhood... each relationship is cherished beyond measure and i wouldn't give any of them up for anything... they ALL have a special and unique part in my life.

nov 8
i am thankful for my camera... ok, so i told myself i would not focus on material possesions, but this is one of those "if your house was burning down and you could only grab 3 things" sorta things... though it may be amateur, i've found a real hobby in photography... i've enjoyed learning about the camera and finding new ways to capture family memories. not gonna spend too much time here, but its one of the things i'm very thankful for.

nov 9
i am thankful for the earthly angels in the rex nicu. i don't care if i live to be 110 and eden will be 86... these people will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart... everytime i see an ad for rex healthcare or wakemed nicu (eden's doctor was from wakemed, even though SHE was at rex!), i generally stop what i'm doing, smile, and send up a quick "thank you" to the phenomenal people that we met on march 1st. i think back about meeting them and building relationships with them and one of my first questions to each of the nurses was "how long have you been doing this"... most of them had been in the nicu for just about as long as i've been on earth... you could tell they had a passion for those teeny babies and work was anything but for them... and then there's dr. t... even though he will tell you eden was made of good stuff and "God doesn't make no junk", i'm confident that his care and watchful eye contributed to her success today. every time we have a "well baby check" and dr. k reminds me of how phenomenally she's doing and how she's "caught up", there's a part of me that wants to jump in the car, ride up to rex and hug 'em all around the neck and thank them AGAIN!

nov 10
i'm thankful for nershi! my first born "test" baby... he taught us so much about being a mama and a daddy before eden came along... and now he's such a great "big brother" to eden! y'all know how much we love him... the loyal family companion! 'nuff said.

nov 11
veteran's day! i'm thankful for all the brave men and women who served in the armed forces. their sacrifices have provided many of the freedoms we take for granted every day...

nov 12
i'm thankful for the great relationships that lee and i BOTH have with our "in-laws"... this is definitely one of those "little things" that makes a BIG difference... i know of people that don't seem to have the best relationships with their in-laws, and it seems to create an unneccessary amount of stress at times... but, for lee and i this just isn't the case. i am beyond blessed with the family that i married... and i think lee would say the same... i think.

nov 13
yesterday! i'm almost caught up...again!
i'm thankful for my faith in Jesus Christ... and i'm thankful for His forgiveness. now that i'm a parent, i'm learning more and more about unconditional love and have a greater desire to be more like Him as i've been given the responsibility to teach eden the right things to do and to set an example for her.

alright... that catches me up for now... i'll post tomorrow on an eden update... how on earth have you survived without your eden fix!?! :)


Li'l Miss Muffet said...

YAY! I have certainly missed your blog, Hannah. Glad that testy piece of electronics is up and running again.

Kerry said...

Hi Lee and Hannah,

I'm Kerry - I work in Marketing & PR at Rex, and came across your blog! I am so happy your Eden is doing well. I was wondering if I could talk with you about a project I'm working on about grateful patients. Can you email me at your convenience? Here's my address: