Saturday, November 27, 2010

day 27

i'm thankful that today, i'm in the christmas spirit! i've just about got the entire house decorated, but shhhh don't tell lee--its a surprise when he gets home from work! :)

in other news, after talking to kim's mom last nite (a nurse) who seemed a bit more concerned about eden's red bumps than i was and the fact that i told her they'd steadily gotten worse even though they flared up here and there... eden began scratching said bumps (on her face) before bed last nite... blah blah... long story short... the doctor wanted to see her today after i called and told them (hadn't called before because i thought it was a normal reaction to ALLLLLLL the meds she's on this week)... nana came along for another set of hands (thanks, nana!!) and come to find out, eden is allergic to ammoxicillin. great. so, we've switched antibiotics for three remaining days... and we've added BENADRYL to the mix!!

(even though she's allergic to the amox., it does appear that it was at least WORKING! praise the Lord!)

so, if you're keeping track, just this week eden has taken...
(not all at one time, but some combination of 3-4 of them)
benzo-something drops for her ears
albuterol drops
*orajel for those teeth comin' in
saline drops (when she'll let me)
...aaaand i'm supposed to be cleaning those new piercings in her ears.

*currently taking.... ahem... today.

so, with that being said... this week is OFFICIALLY OVER.

we started it and ended it in the doctor's office... whew.

i'm just glad she's alive and smiling and laughing and now she's sayin' MAMA! :) ...i'd say she seems to be feeling better, but she's never acted like she felt bad to start with!


The Mom said...

You poor things! I am so sorry she's been feeling so sick. I will be praying for both of you! :)

Li'l Miss Muffet said...

That med list is impressive, but scary. I'm praying this infection takes a hike tonight. Sunday dawns bright and clear, ears included.