Sunday, November 21, 2010

day 21

today, i'm thankful for...

after hours nurses and a pediatrician's office that really cares about our daughter!

eden woke up SCREAMING at 3am... and pulling on her ears...

that can only mean 1 thing!! so, i called the after hours nurse, who agreed that eden had at least 1 ear infection... we had the first appointment this morning, but lemme tell ya--its a long time from 3:30 (when i called the nurse) to 8:30!

i finally got her to sleep on my chest (the fluid build up in her ears makes it painful to lay flat), and i managed to catch a few winks... sweet lee even slept on the sofa in case i needed him to grab something for me :)

the doctor confirmed my suspicions and prescribed some antibiotics and some ear drops for the pain... and we're continuing the use of our tylenol drops, too...

bless her heart... y'all, she. looks. pitiful!!

she just wants to be held... but she still wants to play... we've read lots of books today and rubbed on nershi (hey, that always makes ME feel better!)... and napped napped and napped some more!

she's been sleeping on my chest like the "good ole days"... except in the "good ole days" she wasn't TWENTY POUNDS! ...when we woke up we were both sweaty! i know she feels terrible, but goodness she is so sweet when all she wants to do is snuggle!!

...did you catch that?! she weighs TWENTY POUNDS!!!! ...yes, she's QUINTUPLED her birth weight... plus a little more!! wow!!

so, here's to hoping those meds work quickly--thanksgiving is right around the corner!


Graceandjoelroberts said...

OH poor Eden, that is so sad! I hope the meds are working quickly and glad you guys got to snuggle the day away!

Rebekah Sanderson said...

Oh my sweet baby girl! I come home Tuesday afternoon if you want someone else to cuddle her and kiss her and help her feel better! Just give me a call--Aunt Rebekah to the rescue! :)

Edwin and Jessica said...

Capitol Peds ROCKS! They've saved our butts several times on the weekends and have even stayed late just so we could get Peyton there. They're awesome and I hope Miss Eden is feeling much better today!