Tuesday, November 16, 2010

day 16

today i'm thankful for date nights with my husband!

totally his idea... he even arranged CHILDCARE! he's taking me out on a date tomorrow night for my birthday... to dinner then to the carolina hurricanes game!!

...a wintry date...ice hockey!.... BONUS POINTS!! :-D

i would like to point out that this is the first post-baby date that lee and i will go on that we'll be out past e's bedtime... fingers crossed!

no matter where we go... a date out for mexican and margaritas or char-grill or a fancy shmancy restaurant... i always enjoy a night out with the man of my dreams. we enjoy good conversation and laugh and we TRYYYYY not to talk about sweet eden the entire time.

...one of the many blessings of having family close by and people always willing to help and wanting to spend precious time with e! we get the opportunity for DATES! ...and what's not to be thankful for that?!

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