Wednesday, October 13, 2010


today we took a family field trip to vollmer farm in bunn
i think its safe to say this will DEFINITELY be a new family tradition
we had so much fun and there were so many activities there we didn't even participate in

i'm reminded more and more that eden is her daddy's daughter--
this girl LOVES to be outside...
and this weather was wayyy to pretty to NOT be outside :-D

we got a gourd and a big pumpkin we picked ourselves (one that we may carve later)
and a pretty middle sized pumpkin that had already been picked
and eden picked a tiny one for herself
(yes, she picked it)
she loved the stems on the pumpkins--so, not surprising, she picked one with a huge stem!

lee asked for e's approval on the big one he & i picked out
after we got back to the barn/market shop,
we played around with some of the stuff they had to offer
eden rode a cow...
(love her face in this one)

here she is amongst the pre-picked pumpkins
here we are in the pumpkin house...
...i personally think they should call it the "pumpkin palace"...but whatever.
and here's e with the one SHE picked! :)
you should know me better than that ;)

this was truly a GREAT day... so so so fun!
i wish lee was off tomorrow so we could go back again! :-D

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