Saturday, October 9, 2010

our week

what a week it has been...

since kiekie! is on vacation,
i had my schedule at work flipped around
(working the end of the week instead of the beginning)
and other childcare arrangements made...

sounds all planned out right?


periodically (as in every couple of years), atf will come in to audit our books and make sure we're doing our job correctly and count to make sure we have no missing inventory... usually a good visit, but just a bit of added stress with them there & the potential for them to tell you of all the things you're doing wrong...

so, when did they decide to come? monday morning. bright and early.
i was at home, still in my pj's and minutes away from putting eden down for her morning nap when i get the call from the store... i had to come in and print our records and be there to assist atf with any questions they would have. my pajamas. no shower.

eden stayed at the store for a bit with me,
then i took her home and granny offered
to stay with her for a while until lee could get home...
seems all of our other options were unavailable
as a perfect MIS-alignment of the stars...
of all weeks! ugh.

from monday-wednesday, granny, lee & me juggled schedules to somehow cover eden until thursday--when i was PLANNING on working! ha

it worked and i think we're stronger for it...
HOWEVER, since then, i've made arrangements
and talked to a few people about "emergency childcare arrangements"
...because you never know.

thursday and friday were typically busy days at work...
and i expect nothing less out of today (saturday)
so, if you're counting, after tuesday, i will have worked 8 days in a row.
haven't done that since the 3rd week of february.

oh, the audit? went REALLY well... nice people with lots of WONDERFUL things to say about us and how we do things :) whew.

moving right along...

on the eden front...
she's doing really well
not much coughing and just as sweet as ever!
and she's...

(video coming soon)

she's been scooting around (backwards) for a while now,
but not enough to where i felt comfortable making an "official announcement" about it
[for now] she doesn't have a lot of speed but she's got the form and the movements down,
its only a matter of time before she picks up some speed. a lot of it.

nana (lee's mom) was VERY SWEET to keep eden thursday night
so lee and i could go out for dinner
and enjoy a night on the town get some rest
(since she was keeping her friday during the day,
she offered to just keep her in rocky mount)
and gosh, did i miss her!
as soon as nana dropped her off,
i kissed all over her then
strapped her in the stroller and we went for a walk! :-D

that about covers it for our week...
not a whole lot to type, per se, but LOTS of activity and business...
near chaos.

sunday we're headed to celebrate papa's 60th birthday
with stephanie, kevin, mk, lucy & earl
...i'll be sure to take lots of pictures! :)

hope you all have a wonderful weekend, i'll try to update a little better...
...but you know, i do my updating in those free moments and well,
i just didn't HAVE any free moments this week. ugh.

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