Sunday, October 31, 2010

halloween success!

what. a. fun. weekend!!!!!

friday night lee went to a concert and took eden to stay with nana...
...i was FREEEEEE!!!
so, i went out with the girls and had a blast!!
then came home and had some serious quality time with NERSHI
he soaked up every second of it... just me and him!

saturday, we had our neighborhood cookout...
always a good time!
these are our friends... the lutz's and their sweet little boy monkey, rhett.
some extended family... the fowlers
ryan, parker, and della
eden was zonked out and slept from 7:30-7am... then went down for a 2 hour nap at 9 :)

sunday! today! halloween!
lee (and eden!) let me catch up on some sleep
and i even got a nap (or two) today... shew!

we stopped at granny & grandaddy's house for the traditional halloween visit there.
since eden can't eat candy this year, granny & grandaddy got eden some BALLOONS!
(at dad's birthday party,
eden loved his "oh no, the big five-oh" balloons,
so granny "took the hint")
then we came back to our house for the boatloads of trick or treaters...
michael & kimberlee, sarah & laura came over
for what's become our trick-or-treat tradition!

dad stopped by for a bit to hang out and see everyone
and eden stopped for her first official trick or treat stop at her
great great aunt jackie's house!
we love her and are so lucky she's our neighbor
then the ridlehoover's came by... and we had to do a small group shot!
such a fun bunch :-D
and we ended the night with a celebratory cake for eden & owen's first halloween!
two seconds later the cake was gone.

PLEASE PLEASE click to enlarge this...
we took another group shot in the same spot as last years group shot...
i just love BOTH of these pictures!

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