Saturday, September 11, 2010

what ELSE this week?

seems like this has been a developmentally big week... but, then again, she's been working on a few things for a while...

the sippy cup... she's fairly good with this... as long as its full... the full, head-back tilt is still yet to be mastered
she looks so growny to me with this cup! in NOT like a BABY! :(

sitting up... wow, she just started and this girl is STEADY. no wobble and can sit for a pretty good length of time and even likes to flap her arms and wave her toys around!

(sorry, no sitting up pictures yet...)

CRAWLING?!?!?! oh my. its not your textbook definition of crawling... and its not the "army crawl"... but the girl can MOVE... backwards. its hard to see that shes moving when you're constantly staring at her, but turn your head for 20 seconds and she's 10 feet away... well, almost. i'm not sure i'm ready for this...

(and maybe tomorrow i can get a video of this reverse scooting thing)

in other news, we tried bananas tonite (since we've tried nearly all the veggies!), and i'm pretty sure she ate what would be considered a child's (like a 5 year old's) portion of oatmeal with bananas in it. i couldn't feed her fast enough! ....see!?

...all this at once?!?! slow down, e... mama is trying to savor each. and. every. moment! and this is all happening too fast!

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Graceandjoelroberts said...

Ah! She is so big and SO CUTE!! Love the video.