Monday, September 6, 2010

sometime between 5 and 6 months...

eden has cranked up the level of difficulty on mama tryin' to take her picture...

i attempted a 6 month photo shoot today on this LOVELY day...

we tried outside...
...but the grass was much more interesting than mama's camera,
her silly faces & noises, & even the toy to try to get her to look my way...

and by golly, if you're gonna rattle the toy all over the place,
she's gonna wanna hold it. then immediately put it in her mouth.
no more toy?
no problem!
the kids riding by on their bikes and people walking their dog are more entertaining anyway.
(notice she's oh-so-close to sitting up on her own... she CAN in this chair she was in.)

ok, let's come inside
sit still? oh no, that's not part of the deal.
"hey mom, are you done yet?"
whew. after all that i need a nap.
lugging her, the chair, the blankets &
trying not to drop the camera (or the baby, course!)
is a J.O.B.

so, this will have to tie you over until her professional shoot on the 15th! :)
if you MUST see more... i've uploaded ALL of them here.
(i don't know why they're not in order.)

sheesh, i bet you thought i FORGOT about her 6 month pictures?!?

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