Sunday, September 19, 2010

pizza in the park

what a fun weekend...
we went to church as a family this morning
(all 3 of us..that doesn't happen often!)
then had moe's for lunch and enjoyed a nap & some family time


as somewhat of a "kickoff" for our new semester of small group
and to hang out with some of the new families in the group,
we had pizza in the local park!

this was also eden's first time at the park... what fun!
eden and ava were buddies... ava liked to give eden hugs and kisses...
eden gladly accepted and gave her a slobbery kiss in return! :)

this girl LOVED the swing!
check out those dimples! (below)
owen joined in on the fun when he woke up from his nap...back to back! :)
(how crazy is it that they're almost the same size?!)

then we watched the "men" of the group have a timed obstacle course race through the playground...funny!! it looked a lot like "wipeout" haha
...eventually, the other children (who had to sit on the sidelines) at the park wanted to know when they could get back on the slide... ahem.

then while owen was hanging out in e's bob, she hung out in owen's pack!
...again, it was a hit! she stayed up here the rest of the night (about an hour!)
not the best shot of e, but i like lee's expression
she looked like a princess up there... floating up high... she could see everything!!

what a fun night and the weather was PERFECT!!
we so enjoy hanging out with that group of friends and look forward to more fun times!


KieKie! said...

CUTENESS O.V.E.R.L.O.A.D. -- Eden is thrilled with every new adventure -- how fun is this thing called "life" with her going to be!

KieKie! said...
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