Tuesday, September 21, 2010

granny t's

today eden and kiekie went to visit granny t, grandaddy, trin & uncle dougie

granny prepared a FEAST and even sent dinner home for us tonite.
oh my word, that feast deserves its own blog post.
the moment i heard they were going to tarboro, i KNEW eden would get her first taste of granny's creamed potatoes. bliss.

trinity and eden had some good bonding time... sharing smiles.

trin got to feed eden her bottle...
i simply love this next picture... candid shots are quickly becoming my fave...

eden spent some time with her uncle dougie
and granny just couldn't get enough! (who CAN get enough of this girl?!)
and no trip would be complete without one of mom's self-timer group shots...

and i saved this picture for last... because its simply one of my favorite pictures...
for some reason, when i see this picture, i can see a mischevious teenager... scary.
what am i going to do with miss personality?!?!?
i think i'm gonna have my hands full

well OBVIOUSLY everyone had a good time...
eden fell asleep while playing tonite...
unfortunately, i had to wake her up to feed her & get ready for bed
(it was a bit too early to just lay her down)...
she looked so peaceful.

and in case you're wondering what we had for dinner tonite...
barbeque chicken
creamed potatoes
green bean casserole
potato salad
annnnnd the best homemade pecan pie on the face of this earth
(or granny's famous pinapple cake... or both)


KieKie! said...

Only thing that could have made this day more perfect...having YOU along! Love this post!

Graceandjoelroberts said...

Oh she is just so cute!! and so happy!! That smile is infectious!! I vote you do a post on the dinner, sounds delish!