Sunday, September 5, 2010

eden's first football game

yesterday, my dad took eden to her FIRST football game...
luckily, i got to come along, too!!

the weather was P.E.R.F.E.C.T....
low humidity and about 80 degrees...
and we sit in the shade!

eden had BLAST!! these pictures cannot
do justice the great time she had...
she didn't miss a thing!!

here's a picture of us in the parking lot
(love this picture!!)
here we are getting in the elevator to go up to our seats...
...notice how she's soaking it all in (next picture)
it was so fun to see everyone--our "wolfpack family"
(the people we sit with and see at all the games)
she was SO busy the entire game--i brought a carrier for her,
but she was MUCH too busy to get in that thing...
we left at halftime & she was asleep before we pulled out of the parking lot
not the first tear!!!
she was smiling at everyone, and watching EVERYYYYTHING...

what a great experience... we will DEFINITELY be back!!
maybe next time daddy can come too :-D
i think we have a little wolfpacker on our hands! ;)

oh, and we won.

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