Wednesday, August 18, 2010

well this is all i can tell you...

...about vegas... because you know the old saying! :)

*this will be in short sentence fragment/bullet form... because we did TOO much to include all details... and besides, it's VEGAS! i can't say but so much anyway ;-D

once our plane took off super early sunday morning,
i had to get the trip started off right!
dad had gotten each of us $25 worth of scratch off tickets...
rebekah won $25... and the rest of us won $5 or $10...

we arrived in vegas a little early (two thumbs up for southwest airlines!)
headed to the hotel, enjoyed the sunday breakfast buffet... yum!
checked in our room
gambled a bit... showed rebekah the ropes! haha

sunday night, we had dinner at bellagio
and enjoyed "o" by cirque du soleil...uh-may-zing.
after the show, we caught the water fountain spectacular outside the bellagio...
...a "choreographed routine" to viva las vegas by ELVIS!
then hopped a cab back to mirage to see the volcano (their feature outside)
and CRASHED at bedtime... i'd been up for
t.w.e.n.t.y. o.n.e. hours with only 3 hours of sleep the night before!!, i'm gonna try NOT to go that long with that little sleep EVER again.

the jeeeeewelry shoooooooow
glitz glamour handbags
...all at wholesale prices!
and i tried to be diligent this year and get a jump on my CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!!
check! i'm about 1/2 way done, now! :)

surprise, rebekah!
we're going to the PRICE IS RIGHT! bally's... no, not the one on tv hosted by drew carey...
but this one is supposedly very similar...
after we registered to COME ON DOWWWWN!,
we had a few hours to kill, so we visited the venetian and the wynn...
shopped, had a few drinks...
got back to bally's...
we all decided it was a really fun way to spend the afternoon, but i've still got "going to the price is right" on my bucket list... it wasn't EXACTLY like the show... not close enough
it was hosted by drew lachey (nick's brother, who won dancing with the stars)
and the announcer was the guy who hosted the old game show
"supermarket sweep"
gambled that night... enjoyed dinner at the hotel... gambled a little bit more
then we went to treasure island to see the pirate ship show (their outside feature)
(...i think... or was that wednesday night?!)

we left our hotel around 6:30am (vegas time)
had a layover at midway airport in chigago
and got home after 7pm...

...without going into a lot of detail, my grandmother has been dealing with serious bouts of vertigo... she decided a week ago to not go on our trip for fear she'd have a go of it while we were out there... but she later changed her mind and decided to "fight it" (granted, there's not much "fighting" you can do to vertigo)... well, wouldn't you know it, she came down with a tough spell of it super early tuesday morning (like 3am-ish), and ended up visiting a dr. in vegas to get a shot to make the flight home BEARABLE.

she was such a trooper and i'm so glad she was able to go and be a part of the special 21st birthday celebration for rebekah :)

i had a balllll! and the BEST part?!
coming home to my sweet little girl playing with her daddy and nershi :-D

its been an adjustment to get caught up on the sleep i missed in vegas
(and i've been working every day since i got back covering for granny & catching up!)
and getting back on "eden standard time"
but after a SERIOUS nap after work on saturday
(thank you, eden for planning your nap when mama got home from work)
and a good night's rest saturday night,
i'm proud to say that i'm back among the living!

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