Thursday, August 26, 2010


this poor, sweet girl has
some shiny white
super sharp teeth
plowing through her gums...
they're relentless and are trying to make her life miserable.
but with the help of this handy cold wet washcloth,
and a few drops of tylenol before bed each night,
life seems to be much better!!

who knows when those pearly whites will peek through,
but they seem to be wreaking havoc on our schedule,
and adding a little flair to her sweet, laid back, happy-go-lucky temperament

teething rings seem to be too cold for her to hold on to...
do any of my mommy readers have any ideas that would help my little girl?

but even after all that, she is
the sweetest girl i know!

this morning, she was sitting in my lap, sucking & chewing on the washcloth...
and she nearly sucked it dry & it had lost its "chill"
lee walked in the living room and she took the rag out of her mouth
and held it out as if she was saying
"here daddy, can you fix this"
to make it cold & wet again!

1 comment:

Paige said...

That's a great idea! We aren't getting teeth yet, but when we do I'm stealing that idea!