Monday, August 2, 2010

he rules the roost...

last night michael & kimberlee
decided to bring bo (their chihuahua)
over to play with nershi during our cookout...

it was so nice outside we were able to just leave the back door open--
so the two of them just ran in and out as they pleased--
checking on the babies
running outside
playing "tag"
barking and jumping around
so so so fun!

the babies liked seeing them run around chasing each other, too!!
nershi was running in his sleep last night...
and mom said he was SNORING today on the sofa...

and the above picture was taken tonite around 10:15 tonite
as i was cutting off the lights and going to bed...

my heart was overjoyed to see him playing and having fun with his buddy
since he's not been able to go running as of late

so stinkin' sweet. we love that dog
are so glad mike & kim thought to bring bo along with them!

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