Sunday, August 1, 2010

5 months old

another month has gone by...
...and we know what that means!


she looks so tall in this next one!...
aaaand my favorite...
some of these are a little blurry... i may do another shoot in the next few days!
i wanted to do a different outfit, too! :)

a 5 months old, our sweet girl loves to...
roll over
watch nershi run around
play on her playmat
play in her jumperoo
play in her exersaucer
eat rice cereal (most of the time)
watch tv (they learn so early!)
sit in her high chair at the kitchen table while we all eat dinner
sit in her (vibrating) bouncy seat*
swing in her swing
swing on the front porch with mama or daddy or BOTH!
(and with nana or kiekie! on their days!)
ride in the car
repeat our vowel sounds
and she's recently learned to squeal with excitement! (wow!)

*she's about to outgrow this thing!! oh no!

oh, stats... i dunno exactly how much she weighs, but i'm thinking 13+ pounds (maybe even 14)... she's about to outgrow size 1-2 diapers (perfect timing--i'm almost out! haha!)*... and her 0-3 month clothes fit PERFECTLY! the onesies that fit her best are defintely the "longer" ones... the wider bodied onesies can look sorta funny on her... even though she's quickly dropping that "string bean" figure-- the longer, more narrow onesies fit the best.

*we have been blessed to only have to buy 1 or 2 packs of diapers... (the newborn size! since she was in that size a little longer than expected!)

just this past week, we began to let eden "cry it out" after we lay her in bed... as long as she has a clean diaper, has been fed, and is on her tummy... and much to our surprise it didn't last very long and she's going to bed like a CHAMP!!! bedtime has always been a bit tricky--we enjoy the time with our little girl, but have quickly learned that she'd rather be up with us (awake) whereever we are...

we turn on a sound machine (her sleep sheep) on "rain" and most of the time, she's asleep about the time we get to the bottom of the stairs! she is consistently going to bed around 9. and i have literally been playing with her at 8:55 and she's not the least bit sleepy--but lay her down at 9 and she's OUT! she still wakes up around 4am (ugh?!), but i'm expecting this to change as we're beginning rice cereal and other solids! our schedule is still pretty varied as to what time we get up--depending on who's working, who's keeping eden, and who's at home that day.... so, that can be a little tricky and inconsistent. she wakes up in the morning around 6am sometimes... ready to play! and sometimes, she falls asleep eating her breakfast and will sleep until 8:30 or 9.

rice cereal is going well... she loves the attention, the high chair, and most of the time the cereal... but she's still getting used to that spoon. she eats about a tbsp or two a day (unless i forget or she's unusually fussy)... around dinner time. 6ish. then we play, hop in the tub and bedtime by 9--but i already said that part.

i'm looking forward to integrating some squash or veggie sometime soon--in an effort to boost her liking of solids.

...that's about all i can think of... what'd i forget?!

i can't believe next month she'll be HALF OF A YEAR!?! i'm hoping to get her ears pierced around 6months... but, we'll see... i just can't imagine her ANY CUTER?!?! haha... and i'm also planning on getting professional pictures done for her 6 months... so, stay tuned!

we love her to bits and can't imagine life without her!


KieKie! said...

The world has been a brighter & better place in these last 5 months! What a gift.

amyswor said...

Was searching for a GF's blog with similar name and came across yours. Read where you're thinking about piercing your dd's ears soon.

We did it at 6 mos old after procrastingating doing it earlier. I was uncertain, so I asked our ped. She encouraged me to go ahead when mommy could care for them.

I'd say if your're thinking about it, then your mommy intuition is telling you earlier is better
and I'd just go ahead and do it now.

I had the urge after seeing so many babies and little girls with cute little pierced earrings.
Our ped had her little girl done at a month and gave us some suggestions for moms having their dd's ears pierced.

Write me an e-mail if youwould like our ped's suggestions and I'll send them to you. It will make it easier for both of you.