Thursday, July 29, 2010

my little stander upper...

i keep tellin' y'all... she's gonna skip crawling all together... all this girl wants to do is STAND.
she has VERY good strength--
and i really only have to hold onto her for balance reasons...
this first picture of her she's standing AND pushing up on her arms...
she looked so tall and growny!!
...and its even funnier when she KNOWS she's doing it--she gives this goofy, gummy grin
because she is so proud of herself! the way, the beginning of this month, this exersaucer was too "tall" for her
(her feet wouldn't touch the bottom)
but now, she fits!
(with the help of a little blanket around her waist)
and she's very interested in all these toys while she's STANDING.
"hey mama, i'm standin'...are you gettin' this on camera?!"
one of my favorite pictures of her
(have i said that before?)

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