Saturday, June 5, 2010

what a week!!

we've had a busy, stressful week...

i'll sum it up for you...

granny went to the hospital, lee's car has been in the shop, we've been short on childcare (due to granny in the hospital), i've been working extra--dad had to be out of the office for things in addition to granny being in the hospital... and another employee had a death in the family, we've had friends over for dinner, lee had another allergic reaction to shrimp and running (a combination allergy...we've pinned it down for sure, i'm just thankful i had the right medicine on hand this time), eden had an unexpected trip to the doctor, and we've been making some minor adjustments in her diet hoping for something different.

and for whatever reason, although its outside of my "bubble", the oil spill stresses me daily... its sickening. i tear up thinking about how devastating it is to the people that depend on the gulf to make ends meet... and the animals that are suffocating. its disgusting... and i could vomit at the thought of bp spending money for a p.r. campaign as opposed to using that money to.... hmm... i dunno... CLEAN IT UP. there've been reports of over 20,000 submitted ideas that the government could hire unemployed engineers to review and implement... but somehow the government would like to point a finger at bp (and blaming the former administration...yeah, that's a great idea)... and bp would just like to keep jackin' their jaw about how they'll make it right. DO SOMETHING. HURRY. [me stepping down from my soap box.]

here's a picture from a friend of mine filling up at a bp...

ahh, back to my week... yes. most of my week has been like a giant run-on sentence. i came home from work today, surprisingly chipper (the heat is STIFLING... and i've been pretty tired**), but i crashed about 6:30 and took a quick (less than an hour) power nap... ahh!! rejuvenation.

**you know, the sort of tired where you wake up wondering if you can get a nap.

so, we're here. and this week has strengthened a lot of bonds and tested my patience. lee has been a trooper to put up with me and i'm so thankful for my mom stepping up to keep eden outside of the normal days...

the silver lining in all of this? i am a firm believer that a baby can pick up on these type of stresses, but she's been a CHAMP!! my girl slept last night from 9pm to 7:30am!! woo hoo!! ...and granny is home and doing fine... she is a champ, too!! already back at work!! ...that woman can't be stopped! haha

we're going to try to make it to church tomorrow... i need to go for my sanity this week. and tomorrow night, emily is keeping eden so that lee and i can go out to dinner for the first time since eden was born... ALONE. :-D

alright, i know this is short, but i just wanted to give y'all a quick update... i know some of you are daily checkers---and i don't want to disappoint my readers!

goodnight, everyone... and just a reminder... His mercies are new every morning.

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