Monday, June 14, 2010

red-letter day in the kitchen

well, sometimes i come home and i don't even feel like warming up leftovers...

sorta like today... this heat zaps my energy and any desire to do anything or even be nice to anyone. ugh.

but, after i got home today i got a bit of a 2nd wind and realized i had the ingredients to try some things i'd been wanting to try...

so, we had homemade hamburgers on the grill (we've tried them once before--massive failure)... pasta salad i made yesterday... and i tried a grilled onion!!

sounds gross, huh?

but, you take an onion
chop the ugly ends off of it
peel the outer layer
set it on a large piece of aluminum foil
begin to cut it in 1/4's
(as in, don't cut all the way through the onion)
stick little pats of butter in each of the cracks
(yeah, the ones you just made by cutting it almost in fourths)
and drizzle a bit of soy sauce (or worcestershire sauce...whatever you've got)
bring the sides of the foil up and close it off
...that's it!

it was the first thing i put on the grill and the last thing i took off!
my non-onion lovin' husband nearly at the whole thing...
yeah, a whole onion! hahah

what did you say?
oh, what was for dessert?!

...on the grill!!

yes!! heavenly!!

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Graceandjoelroberts said...

YUM!! That sounds DELISH!