Thursday, June 3, 2010

movin' up

for some reason, i got a wild hair to let eden nap in her crib today... she's been consistently sleeping from around 12-3 and a little catnap at some point during the late evening (6-7ish), and the nights seem to be getting better and better...

i'm thinking this will pay off in the long run since its much quieter up there and she's got the upstairs all to herself (well, for a few years, anyway :) haha)

here she is... cute as can be!!

once we've finished the transition, i'll have to get her camera mounted up... for now, i've got it stuck in her crib bars...
i just love seeing that tree in the background :)

i'm making the most of her nap... i've cleaned, updated her baby book (with the 3 month information), and i'm currently uploading about 520938470928 pictures to shutterfly to get printed and put in albums...

oh, speaking of shutterfly, e's birth announcements finally came in today!! cute cute cute!! the pictures were just a tad dark, but i still love the finished product! hopefully i'll get those out in the mail soon enough... :-D

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