Monday, June 21, 2010

father's day!

yesterday was such a great day--despite a few bumps in the road... a great day! and a special day...

its always nice to remember the daddies in our lives...even the uncles and people who are like daddies to us... lee and i are blessed to be surrounded by such great dads and i've become even more proud of my sweet husband to see the father that he's become to eden.

eden woke up on the early side, but basically fell asleep while eating her bottle... then slept in a little late... so, lee and i had some time together for him to open his father's day presents

eden got him a pair of carhartt overalls and the facial hair handbook... she knew exactly what he wanted!!

we went to church to discover that we had no air conditioning... lee was going to need to leave early to get to work on time and i decided at eden's first squeak we were out of there... she got too hot last week* and it was DIFFICULT to calm her down... poor thing!

*i've discovered its difficult to get air blowing around her in a rear facing carseat... hmph.

but i got her packed up in a cooled down car and she was a happy camper... so, we went out for lunch with my dad. eden just smiled at anyone who would talk to her at the restaurant... so fun!! then she slept off and on the whole way home... and went down for her big nap WAYYYY late... but i was able to nap, too since she waited until we got home! (atta girl!). i must say, it was our best outing yet! i didn't feel stressed or anything like that and she was so pleasant and fun to be around :)

as soon as she woke up, we went to granny & grandaddy's for pizza to celebrate father's day with them... the timing worked out perfect!! before she really woke up, we were already at granny's and were running a bit late (well, later than everyone else got there), so everyone else couldn't wait to get their hands on her... and i gave 'em a job... FEED HER! so, i got to eat and everyone got to hold her and eden didn't get mad that her bottle was late! :) she played and kicked and cooed and smiled at everyone... ESPECIALLY grandaddy!! since she took a "shifted" nap, she missed her little late afternoon cat nap... but, i didn't think that would be a problem

then we came home and spent some time with lee before heading to bed for the night... only problem was the nap i took while e was sleeping was DEEP ...yeah, like the kind of nap when you wake up and don't know where you are. so, i FINALLY drifted off to sleep around 2am... only to be awoken by miss priss at 3:15... ugh. but on the flip side of the coin, i slept good enough in my 2 hour nap to get me through the night last night and the day today... whew.

that just goes to show you that babies really DO need a schedule... it doesn't matter how much or how little they sleep... they like to stick to the schedule. lesson learned.

but overall, it was a GREAT day... even though lee had to work and i didn't sleep (at night)...

sorry--i don't have any pictures... ugh. i'll say its because we enjoyed the day instead of photographing it... even though i wish i had taken some pictures.

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