Sunday, June 13, 2010

busy weekend

is it me or does this heat seem to zap all of your energy?!?!

...maybe its just me... well, me and my "winter family"...lee and i haven't been sleeping the best lately... and the baby has even woken up a time or two at night... i'm telling you, we ALL sleep better when the house is cold... even eden seems to be falling in this category...

summer is in full swing... eden has gotten locked in her schedule (other than an occasional fluctuation...going to bed late/waking up early) and it working out nicely for the whole family!!

bedtime at 9, wake up at 7 (give or take)... nap from 12-3... and one more little cat nap around 6 or 7 for about 30-45 minutes... its bliss!! a great schedule means a happy baby AND a happy mama!!

nershi has been sweeter than ever... he's learning that his time with us (without the baby) is just before we go to bed... he ALWAYS gets up there and snuggles between us and sometimes even brings a toy. gosh, we love him!! this heat gets the best of him too... i have to BEG him to go outside and potty... he'd rather sit on the back of the sofa and look out the window ALLLLLL DAYYYYY... literally.

friday, eden and i went to frank's pizza with my dad, uncle steve and aunt lisa... the timing worked out perfect... eden had just woken up and eaten her bottle... and it was an early dinner... frank's is a local pizza joint that is usually PACKED (umm, no room for eden in her stroller)--so the early time worked out great for everyone! :)

jenny nana was out of town saturday, so lee kept eden until he went to work about 11:30, then he brought her to the store... this worked out great!! we close at 3:30... and, if you read the paragraph before this one, then you'll know that she slept nearly the whole time she was at work with me! :) ...oh, and while we were there, i had a chance to weigh her! 11 lbs. 5 oz.!! can you believe it!?!

then, we (eden and i) went home for a bit to play... i changed clothes, left eden at granny pat's and went to one of my my best buds from high school's wedding... fun! and HOT! it was outside... and the rain played a game of chicken... a quick storm blew through and cooled it off a bit and the rest of the evening was perfect!

as i was leaving to go get eden, everyone said "go get her and bring her back!!"... and so i did! there were lots of old friends there to love on her and keep her busy! we left around 8:30 and got little e straight in the tub... bedtime bottle and she was out like a light!

today, while lee is at work, we're enjoying a day of being at home, resting, and catching up!! dishes, laundry, cooking (making stuff ahead of time for us to eat this week)

i've grilled some chicken and made some pasta salad for some easy suppers this week! yay!

i still have a few thank you cards to write... and i've STILL not sent out eden's birth announcements... they're camped out on the bar just staring at me--saying "put me in the mail!!"...[sigh] we'll get there! i think if i wait a little while longer, i can send them out with her 1st birthday party invitation.

oh, and i'm going to be trying something new with our pictures--more on that later this week... blogger only gives me a certain amount of space to store them... so, i'm trying to think a few steps ahead.... i've got an idea for something new... we'll see.

and speaking of trying something new... i pre-washed my hair today in apple cider vinegar... yuck, but i heard where it gets all the buildup from your hair products out... and gives it natural volume! i didn't do the whole 9 yards on my hair today, but i can tell a difference... whodathunkit?! oh, and i'm way overdue for a haircut...hopefully we can fix that this week...

as for the week ahead... tuesday, eden and i are having dinner with mom and granny tarboro... while lee's at a concert in virginia (i think?)... then lee has a few days off this week--we're having dinner with some friends wednesday night... and then its father's day weekend!

lee and i are looking forward to our trip to the beach after july 4th... maybe little e will get her toes in the sand! and we're also looking forward to our vacation (without the baby) in february... got plans on the line for that coming up too... WOOOOO HOOOOOO! :)

well, i think that about catches everyone up... i'm off to catch a quick little nap to knock out this headache...and i'm having some issues with my eye... they're getting a rest today, too... since the last time i can remember taking my contacts out was when eden was born... i know i know... i'm going to give it a few days and hope for the best... it just feels bruised (??) or something?

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