Monday, April 12, 2010

so lee, how was your birthday?

according to lee, he's had a wonderful birthday! we celebrated sunday night at a small group cookout with an ice cream cake and a great time with great friends...

today, was a great well-baby check for eden (that's good news for a daddy, too!), lunch at andy's (lee's choice!), a rock-solid nap, and a frappe!!

and whaddya know? i managed to SURPRISE HIM with his birthday presents--lee is the 2nd worst* for poking and prodding and sneaking around to find out what he got... in fact, i've heard stories of lee (as a boy) opening his presents and RE-WRAPPING them... hmmm.

*i'm probably worse than he is :)

i got him some crazy patterned socks to run in and wear with sandals (i know, i know... i shouldn't encourage this type of activity) and a record player (that also plays cds, tapes, the radio, and your ipod) he'd been wanting for a while.

and daniel got him a disc (for disc golf) with a picture of jerry garcia on it... that's lee on all sorts of levels...ha!

and what birthday would be complete without your favorite cake made by your mom?!

...yellow cake with chocolate icing! thanks, jenny! :)

a great day for a great guy!

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