Thursday, April 1, 2010

sleeping babe

there are so many things i love about this picture...1. she kicked off her blanket. it was the first HOT day of the year (ugh, already!).

2. you can sorta see how long and lean she is... like a green bean. that's a newborn onesie she's wearing--we stepped up to that size for the length--but look at how small her legs are in the "leg holes" ha! she's got lots of room to grow out in these--but still not lots of length. we'll see how she plumps up in the weeks to come. the preemie onesies are wayyy too short now.

3. she clearly doesn't like to be swaddled anymore. ahhh, i'm guessing she's getting used to life "on the outside"...and she's figuring out there's more room out here than in there.

4. she just looks so peaceful.... and so stinkin' sweet.

5. how do y'all like how i rigged up her video monitor... no need to permanently mount it until we get her upstairs... hey, it works!

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