Monday, April 5, 2010


tonite, i told lee that i thought he looked like steve irwin... you know, the crocodile hunter*... he was wearing an olive green quick-dry button down shirt with lots of pockets... wiiiiith quick-dry tan khaki shorts with lots of pockets...

*may he rest in peace!

SO, he decided to try to catch the easter bunny wild creature in the living room its natural habitat...
lee's reply??

"but honey, this type of material is the easiest to get spit-up off!"

call me crazy, but i DO see some resemblance!

please note: no crocodiles or easter bunnies were harmed in the publishing of this blog post.


Anonymous said...

Eden has the most hilarious parents on earth- that sweet girl is in for it! love y'all :)

ashley said...

I agree! I know I can always visit your blog for some giggles. :)