Monday, April 19, 2010

little e's update

[big sigh of relief...]

we started soy formula today. after a traumatic very UP and DOWN sorta day yesterday, that was the last straw. it has been a relatively stressful situation (which is why i quit breastfeeding in the first place) and something i'd hoped to figure out before i "officially" went back to work*


she simply wasn't comfortable or relaxed after eating. and as much as i tried to make excuses or try different things... it wasn't working.

today, she was an angel... relaxed, calm, pleasant, happy, know, all of those words... and [fingers crossed] she's sleeping VERY peacefully right now...

the hardest part at this point? trying not to get too excited about the possibility of this being the formula... because she started out like this on the last formula...

this has been a growing and trying experience for lee and i... since i'm not particularly known for my abundance of patience, it has begun to effect me in other aspects of life. sigh. i usually operate pretty well under pressure/stress... but not THIS kind of stress... this is the kind that wrecks my usually organized, peaceful life... bleck.

and not to mention the typical mommy feeling of "i just want to make it better right now" and "i don't like to see my baby in pain"....ugh.

stay tuned. i'm gonna catch a few winks while little e is, too...

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Graceandjoelroberts said...

YEAH FOR SOY FORMULA!! I bet thats exactly what is was, and yeah for Mama sleeping!