Saturday, April 17, 2010


this week our house will be starting our new normal... our new "life."

mom begins to keep eden 2 days a week... lee's mom keeps eden on saturdays... i'm hoping to take her with me a day or two... and i'm going to be working more than i'm home with the baby.

i went to the grocery store today for a regular trip... not just the bare necessities... :)

heck, i even cooked dinner tonite (cooking is so much better when i'm not pregnant. the joy of cooking has returned. ahhhhhh)... and my hungry husband thought it was amazing! ...whew, if he only SAW me making it... with a screaming baby who just wanted to be held in her snugli...

you know, this thing...
i think nershi enjoyed me cooking with eden strapped to me... seems a lot more fell off the counter than normal. lucky dog.

eden seems to be doing better... sometimes ok, sometimes better... i'll say better because i'm just overflowing with optimism at the moment...

and after an encouraging email from the best sister-in-law ever (hey, steph!) i'm heading out to get some mylicon/gas drops tomorrow.. DUH! why haven't i thought of that? geez... bird brain! (no offense to the birds that read my blog)

and tomorrow i'm going to venture out to church! i canNOT wait to get back... lee and i went so long without a church home... well, we were between church homes... nearly 2 years... now we found one we love and i've not been since the 1st or 2nd sunday in february and i'm NOT happy about it. say a little prayer that eden is well behaved... i'm not quite ready to put her in the nursery yet, but i might change my mind in the morning.

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Shannon said...

so glad you found out about the liquid gold..err mylicon drops! also try gripe water (at whole foods, etc). Good luck and yay for having a rocking SIL.