Sunday, April 4, 2010

i wasn't going to post ALL of them...

in our attempt to get all four of the grandkids on lee's side of the family, we had NUMEROUS attempts... but i was only going to post "the good one (or two)"...after we got home and i had a chance to look at each one of them, i just had to post them all...

mary kathryn & lucy were in charge of holding the babies...
job #1: get everyone to look at the camera... simultaneously.
lucy was having a little bit of a hard time holding earl... well, i would too if i had to hold something that was as big as me!!
hmm... plan b... let's see if earl will sit by himself
....oops... did anyone have a "plan c"???
and i just LOVE how in all most of these pictures mk is just smiling at the camera like no one else is going to be in the picture!! she's a hoot! (this is "the keeper")
alright, mary kathryn really steps up to the plate... be the big sister to earl AND hold eden AND SMILE!!! ... you go girl
...uh oh... mary kathryn thinks "how can i do all of this and stop eden from crying?"
...its a tough job, but we did get a good one...

whew... after all that hard work, mary kathryn had to go in the kitchen and sneak some honey baked ham... (while aunt hannah secretly took a picture of her) :)

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