Saturday, April 24, 2010

gettin' out!

well, it was my first saturday back at work and i must admit--it felt pretty good! nana (lee's mom) came to stay with her today... even though lee was off work!

after work, i decided to get eden out for her first real... well, hmm... what's the word...


dad took "us girls" to the southern women's show and we walked around for a while and saw lots of neat stuff...

then we went to pf changs.... ahhhhhhhh!! yes! we eat there all the time, but somehow, i n.e.v.e.r. get sick of that place!

eden did GREAT! i was glad that our first two outings were "noisy places" so, if she cried, it really wouldn't be that big of a deal... but, i didn't need to worry--she was her usual sweet, sleepy, happy self!

we got home... and she enjoyed her bath time (as usual) and now she's O.U.T... gosh, i guess that is a busy day for an 8 week old... get spoiled until 4 by nana, then out with grandpa* and mama after that for a fun show and pf changs

*his name is still yet to be decided... he's leaving it up to eden! :)

i just LOVE busy days... :) its great for eden to get out and experience new things, places, sights, and smells!

its been my first "busy saturday" since the one that put me in the hospital! hah!

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