Tuesday, April 13, 2010

eden's blanket

eden has become very attached to one particular blanket... she comes and goes on her interest with her paci--but this blanket is a must-have for miss priss...

she sleeps with it most every night... we don't leave the house without it... she hardly lets me wash it...
it is made of the SOFTEST fabric!! and each side has a different material...
yesterday during her pictures, shannon would pull the blanket off of her, snap a few photos, eden would start to squirm and squeak... well, put it back on and its like an instant mute button!

...same story at the doctor today!

its the pottery barn "my first stroller blankie" and thinking ahead (like a good mama should), i just recently ordered more

...you know, for backup!

i have "visions" of this thing tethered down to just strings and strands after a few years of "love"...LOTS of love! --that's what you need the back up for! :)

big thanks to erin for the great gift!!

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