Thursday, March 25, 2010

queen for the day night!

my wonderfantabulous husband gave me the "night off" last night... now don't get me wrong, he's tried to do this before--but those were days where i'd napped a little too long during the day and really didn't mind doing the night stuff... but yesterday, i missed all my nap opportunities--napportunities, if you will...

i went to bed at 11:30 and woke up at 6... and slept like a dead woman.

...oddly enough, when i woke up this morning i really missed eden. ya know, as tiring as it can be, there's really some good bonding/snuggling in the wee hours of the morning...

and as if it didn't get any better than that, i'm off to get my hair cut this morning! i was overdue for a trim before eden came, and now i'm approaching "mop status"

ahhh! queen for the day... well, queen from 11:30 until i get my hair cut! ...sorta makes me feel like dancin'

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The Crocker's said...

yay for a good solid sleep! now go get pampered and come home to snuggle time!

Just wanted to let you know my calendar is looking good for April or even this weekend, so just let me know :-)