Friday, March 19, 2010

a changing baby

i've always heard "babies change soooo much"--which i never doubted... but just always thought it was something you only saw by looking back at pictures


i am noticing her change each and every morning as we start our day... i laid her down a few nights ago for bed, only to look at her the next morning and she had woken up with the prettiest set of eyelashes...

...the bottom ones are coming in too...

i know i might be slightly biased, but i think she's just beautiful :)

we went back to the doctor this morning for a weight check... and would you believe she weighs 4lb 9oz! wow... a week ago today, we were having our "room in" and she was 4lb on the dot! that's 9oz in 7 days...

the doctor was elated!! in fact, she was so pleased with how well she's doing (growing, eating, etc) that she just wants to see her for her regular 6 week check up (on her DUE DATE, no less!)... no need for extra visits for preemie weigh-ins--she's being treated like a healthy full term baby now for her check ups :-D

boy, i was one. proud. mama! :)

that's about all the update we got today...

as for the non-doctor stuff, we're all adjusting well... we have certainly survived our first week home! eden sleeps about 20hrs a day and is feeding every 3-4 hours and has gone 5-6 hour stretches at night.

today was my first fullllll day with just me and eden... and i must say, i think we did pretty well... of course, the house is a little messier since kiekie isn't here today--but the baby and i have gotten along great :) ...heck, we even went outside to enjoy some of the be-YOOO-tiful sunshine today!!

lee has gone back to work, which seems to be working out well... i'm trying to take charge of the "night shift" since i get to nap during the day... he's a great daddy and seems to be managing the work/daddy thing like a pro. he walks in the door from a long day at work and still spends lots of good quality time with her--which means he gives me some "mama time!"--how sweet :-D

well, that's about all i can think of to update everyone on now... i'm off to enjoy some more march madness!

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