Wednesday, February 3, 2010

special delivery!

...noooo! not the baby!! well, not yet anyway

TODAY, granny brought me the most beautiful "park bench" that will sit just below the shady oak tree in eden's room... and i couldn't be happier with it!

and the best part? she made this!! lee's always said that when he met granny t. he figured out where i got my "crafty gene"

here it is! nicely contrasted by the darker green wall...
and the seat lifts up for a little bit of storage...
can you just picture the tree to the left of the bench in the corner... AHHH!! LOVE IT!
THAT in itself was more than enough to put a smile on my face today... but nevertheless...

THE BOOKSHELF! ...the poor thing has been riding around on the UPS truck since jan. 30th--its been off & on the truck and made the trek to just a few blocks away (commercial deliveries) THREE times... i just KNEW this thing would come in SPLINTERS!! haha...

my sweet husband had it upstairs for me in the nursery so i could put it together (my request--he DID offer to put it together)

let's hear it for those BASKETS!!! thanks everyone...all the phone calls, telephone holds, "wild goose chasing"--well, it OBVIOUSLY paid off... perfect colors, perfect fit!!

...and my dear, dear pooch assumed that since there was some space between the camera and what i was taking a picture of, that there was room for him in the photo...

yes, honey, mommy will take your picture, too... it me or does he look like a PUPPY in this picture??

now, off to get some rest & guzzle some MORE WATER for my 3D/4D ULTRASOUND TOMORROW! :-D

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