Monday, February 1, 2010

ridin' in style!

thanks to some really cool in-laws--mine, of course! eden got this SNAZZY stroller* that her momma picked up today from rei... i just love the orange and brown! too cute! its so smooth-driving... i'm looking forward to putting it to good use :)

notice how the carseat just snaps right in, and we're ready to GO!

its times like this when its becoming very real to me that she'll be here before i can blink my eyes! longer is it the little stuff that i can tuck away in a drawer and pull out for a "reminder" that she's on her way... its the BIG stuff--a STROLLER, and CARSEAT (from granny pat!)...things that take up a pretty good amount of space... where has the time gone?

thanks again, steve & jenny!! WE LOVE IT!

*she's actually supposed to get it at the shower coming up soon--but we'll have it here to show with a pretty bow on it! :)

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