Saturday, February 13, 2010

another week gone by a little more! oops...we're here & we're all doing well! sorry for the lack of posts this week...

honestly, there's not been much to blog about this week... unless you have some strange desire to hear about the ups and downs (literally) in my nightly attempts to sleep. hence a little bit of why i posted this terrible picture of myself this week--because i'm sporting the "just woken up look"...and THAT is exciting, my friends!

last night was BRUTAL. i fell asleep trying to stay awake watching the opening ceremonies, woke up thinking it was my usual 3am potty time... nope, it was 12 midnight. fought sleep off and on and finally just decided to give up a 3. got up, walked around, let nershi out, played on the computer a bit, looked at how huge my feet were*, then realized that i HAD to go back to sleep... so, i took a bath (these seem to be my favorite these days!), poked my lip out when i'd been in there so long the water turned cold... hopped back in bed & slept like a log... just wasn't long enough.

*picture a latex glove... except for your foot... blown up. so it looked like i had little bitty toes. scared myself for a split second--didn't recognize my own feet! haha i'm trying NOT to complain... because i'm learning that just because i'm not sleeping the QUANTITY of hours i would like to, the QUALITY of the hours i'm getting is important... of course, if i slept the quantity of hours i'd like, they may not be very good quality... but, i digress.

BUT... all of that, in a nutshell... i took a quick power nap today & am PROUD to sport the "just woken up look"... i will rejoice in that.

an update on the heartburn? ...i almost feel like that deserves its very. own. post. but i'm not going to give it that sort of attention--you know, "you don't want to encourage that type of activity" ...i do have "tums" on my grocery list this week. for the first time EVER! haha

moving on!

in case you're counting--we're less than 2 months from DUE DATE! wow! i'm getting more emails that say "have you packed your hospital bag?"* and "how to know when you're in labor"... and less emails that say "this week your baby will be able to open her eyes" or "your baby is forming taste buds"

*this was a bit alarming--because i DO in fact need to pack my hospital bag. but i'm not sure i'm ready. might seem a little too real. perhaps i'll start by making a list of what i'd like to pack--when i DO pack my bag :)

speaking of lists... i have my list of things to get done this week at the house... why? because my baby shower is sunday and i can't WAIT!!!! i'm so excited! ...sorta like nesting with a different purpose! and lee's off with tyler tonite at an umphrey's show--so i've got the perfect opportunity to stay busy and get started!

also this week, eden is getting stronger and stronger with her "little" kicks--she can goose me in my ribcage from the inside out (obviously)... making me look like someone with touretts or something.

and as of yesterday...err... VERY early this morning... i had my first thought of "hmph... i'm sorta getting tired of being pregnant" ...with 5-8 weeks to go, i feel like i'm sitting at "go" waiting to start. most of the "prep-work" has been done. and lee and i are ready for the next step. the bob stroller is calling my name to pack up miss eden and get active again!

...but i'm trying not to rush it either. in a few short weeks--our lives will change. forever. and i'm savoring these last moments of "just us" as much as i can. with the time taken off work, going out to dinner, watching movies on the sofa... everything! even the smallest of things--lee's even gone to the grocery store with me a time or two... because once things DO change in those few short weeks, they'll never go back to being the way they are--right now.

i'd be lying if i didn't tell you i'd even savored some of those type of moments with nershi. maybe its what its like before baby #2 comes along...when a mommy savors those last moments when its just one baby. i'm sure its a little different, but its got to be pretty close.

welp, that's about all i can think of to update for now... off to get some stuff knocked off my to-do list, make some more lists, procrastinate, watch the olympics, snuggle with my first-born fur baby, and TRY to get some rest tonite! wish me luck!

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Graceandjoelroberts said...

How Exciting! Hope you're sleeping good this week, she's getting so close!

We had a moment of freak out yesterday, when we were walking and saw Spring bulbs popping up, and then realized we're having a Spring baby SOON! So much for us to do, it sounds like you guys are ready! Good Luck with the hospital bag packing!