Monday, February 8, 2010

all finished!

today, lee and i took a day trip to go down to the beach & get our new (to us) head board & footboard... from mom & david

and my extra manly husband, carried it in BY HIMSELF... and put that thing together like a PROFESSIONAL!! the only thing i did was vacuum where the bed sits when he hauled out the old frame! and take this picture while he was workin'
what a HUNK!!

remember... it matches the stuff that dad got us here!

i've taken a couple of days off at work & lee's taken off over a week! ...its hardly a "baby-moon" but i'm enjoying my time with lee... hanging out, getting some stuff checked off of our "to-do before eden gets here" list... tomorrow we have a date night on the docket, along with a few finishing touches on eden's room (tree!! and curtains!!)

i'm just beyond thankful for the ability to take off sometime before the baby, while lee's off too!! :) ...ya know, he's pretty fun to hang out with...

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