Tuesday, January 26, 2010

the nursery

so as we're nearing the end of our nursery decorating journey (WHAT?!!), i thought i'd give one more re-cap, before a few finishing touches arrive next week...

we're still playing with how to arrange the nursery... but so far, this way is my favorite. i LOVE the brown chair... its more than comfortable! :-D
and the letters (in the crib for now)... until we get her mattress :) ...the letters will eventually hang over her crib or changing table...whenever i decide where they'll go forreal! ha...then on the next wall to the left, is the dresser/changing table... with a few smaller baskets for diapers, etc...then the dark green wall... where we'll hang (er... stick?) the tree next week... and the park bench will arrive next week too (granny--i can't wait!!)
and i'm currently thinkin' the bookcase is gonna go on the wall between the door and the closet...
...but i may change my mind when it arrives... we'll see.

its been lots of fun finding my finds... and deals... and seeing it all come together... i wish you guys could see it in person (well, some of you will!)... next thing you know, our little squirt will be sleeping up there for HOURS ON END (right?!)

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The Comptons said...

no 29 week pic this week??? ABSOLUTELY LOVEEEEEE THE NURSERY...Eden is going to have the cutest little girls room ever! :)