Wednesday, January 13, 2010

have a seat...

today, the chair was delivered... and lemme tell ya, i was curious to see how it would work out... i knew the colors would match and the chair would look nice...

but we found it online... and i've never sat in it!!

well, whoopee-doo... its not only stylish--but its also extra comfy!!
its the perfect size... and it glides AND swivels (the swivel was an added bonus--not advertised!)

...oh and not to mention, it matches ridiculously perfect! :) woo hoo!!!

thanks to mom and david for our "baby gift"

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The Crocker's said...

Cute chair! We did the same with ours - from Target! and We love it too! You'll love that it is comfy on those snuggly nights with Eden.