Monday, December 7, 2009

very funny, lee!

after a recent prenatal check-up, i was starving (what's new?)... and lee...well, he wasn't hungry.

so, i stopped at bojangle's for an egg & cheese biscuit (more restaurants should serve breakfast all day! but that's another post for another day!) ...and it was so close to lunch, i decided to get something i could eat later instead of the usual stuff we normally have...

as i drove up to the window, i paid... then the guy hands out the TAILGATE sized bag! i couldn't stop laughing!!

lee says its perfectly representative of how much i'm eating... while i tend to think they were out of the size bag they should've put my food in...

well, thanks to lee... my "on the spot" photographer--he was able to capture the moment as i did the standard "let me check and make sure they didn't short me anything i ordered" glance.

...i'm STILL laughing about it (weeks later!)

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