Sunday, December 13, 2009

one more thing off the list

well, its not the best picture, but i found the changing table/dresser that i wanted for eden's room...

i'll admit, i felt a little silly walking into babies-r-us with what appeared to be a big wooden plank... but it was just a piece of the crib so i could match the finish up juuuuuust right :)

it was a little more than what i was expecting... then again, i was expecting to get a changing table... not really a piece of FURNITURE... and besides, what's the point of having a bed that "grows" with her (eventually converts up to a full size bed), if the rest of the furniture doesn't?

i'm glad i took my "plank" up there... since there was sooo many to choose from! :)

i'm very pleased with my find... i can't wait to see everything starting to come together! oh! and sharing it with you, of course :) ...its starting to look like 2010's gonna start out BUSY! :-D ....yesssss, just the way i like it!

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Poirier Family said...

That is a great find, and to have it grow with her is soooo cool. So if it's a little more then you wanted to spend just think now you don't have to buy anything down the road!!!! So money saved, for all the cute clothes your going to be buying!!!!