Sunday, June 7, 2009

brad paisley concert

last night, lee and i went with our friends tyler & rachel ann to the dierks bentley/brad paisley concert!

we had so much fun hanging out with them in the parking lot--we contemplated skipping the concert all together!

once we got in, a very nice couple came and sat next to us... i was turning around to see how many people were in the lawn and a friend of mine was flippin' out over WHO was sitting next to us!

i tried to be cool since we had to sit with him all night...but people kept coming up to him for autographs & pictures

...i joked and told him that i'd be the body guard and "keep 'em off of you" then rachel ann and i went to the bathroom & he got swamped with fans!! lee even offered to sign autographs for him!!

i didn't want to be like the rest of them and ask him to sign my ticket or take a picture with i was able to get a picture of him watching brad paisley with us :)

i'll be sure to post some pictures of us (me, lee, tyler and rachel ann) when i get them--i brought my camera, but of course, left the memory card in my computer!!! ahh! we were about to take a group shot, so i got my camera and when i turned it on it said "no memory card!"--oh well! rachel ann had her camera for us!!

what a fun night! wish we got to see those two more...tyler and lee are great friends and were born "one day apart"--he was also a groomsman in our wedding...they now live in durham & rachel ann is a school teacher while tyler attends DUKE!!

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